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Jun 23, 2013 3:00pm PDT
the economy. is your 401k vulnerable? >> don't panic. you have enjoyed the ride so far. >> this is not a situation where we are rifling through ordinary e-mails of german citizens, french citizens, european -- american citizens, or anybody else. >> president obama's european adventure. >> something as complicated as immigration reform should not be passed without broad support. >> house conservatives crackdown on immigration and get tough on abortion. but the farm bill goes down in flames. and in afghanistan -- a military milestone as the u.s. edges towardtalks with the taliban. >> we remain focused on moving toward negotiation because we feel it is the best path toward a political solution and political reconciliation. >> friday morning's "wall street journal" headline -- turmoil exposes global risk. the wall street journal asks -- have markets become giant crack houses? investors have certainly been acting like junkies lately. "washington close -- post" the u.s. triggers global fears. "new york times" -- global sell-off reaches beyond the u.s.. what triggered this? a comment by b
Jun 16, 2013 9:00am EDT
immigration program will choke this economy. it's not a good idea. >> it will be good for every rker here. every day weait is a day we've lost. >>ow about tt? >> when is the last time you saw those two on the same page? >> i think i it was the united y maybe for the nationals redskins parade and that'it. >> quite bluntly to put it in political terms. the senator from arizona says this makes it difficult for republicans toompete ationwide and state by state. it's tough to compete fofor people's votes on any issue when ey believeou don't like them and that's wherehe republicans are right no and john boehner has a real problem because you saw what h did last week. with steve cain in the lead from iowa they repealed the dream act which is enormously popular and hurt republicans in the 2012 election and i don't think it rgues well for the immigration in the house. >> you don't think this s things going g to make it? >> right now i think w what ehner wants to do is get the house judiciary committee to reak it up bit sizes to pass something so he doesn't have to deal with what the senate does pa
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)